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  1. Chairman’s ReportPg. 4
  2. Jacoba Sherriff, ObituaryPg. 5
    Elizabeth Devon & Mellissa Freeman
  3. Sand to Rock – the Making of Bath Stone: Cementation, Burial and Uplift of the Great Oolite, Middle Jurassic, EnglandPg. 6
    Maurice Tucker
  4. The Lower Greensand of SeendPg. 10
    Veronica Cleverly
  5. Crummack Dale, the Norber ErraticsPg. 11
    Charles Hiscock
  6. The Evolution of Flight in VertebratesPg. 13
    Katie Munday and Phil Burge
  7. Biofilms and Minerals in the hot springs of Bath, England: Bacteria-EPS-Viruses, Calcite, FerrihydritePg. 17
    Maurice Tucker and Leon Bowen
  8. The FossilPg. 24
    Charles Hiscock
  9. First Planetary Field Trip to Mars 2030Pg. 24
    Phil Burge
  10. Dinosaur trackways and landslides - the geology around Rovereto, Northern ItalyPg. 28
    Graham Hickman
  11. 50th Anniversary Field Excursion to Midford, led by Dr Maurice Tucker on Saturday 9th April, 2022Pg. 29
    Charles Hiscock
  12. Corndon HillPg. 33
    Jonathan Slack
  13. Some Short Notes on Shale Gas in the UKPg. 35
    Phil Burge
  14. Greenland field trip with the Geological Society of GlasgowPg. 36
    Mellissa Freeman
  15. Corals in Bath Stone and their Taphonomy, (Great Oolite, Jurassic, England)Pg. 39
    Maurice Tucker

The Journal of the Bath Geological Society

The Purpose of the Journal is to record the activities of the Bath Geological Society. It may include, but is not limited to the following; Chairman’s report for the year, record of the meetings held, list of members including committee, officers of the Society and obituaries. Illustrated articles of geological interest written by members.

The Editor of the Journal will be appointed by the committee and report to the committee on issues and costs relating to the production of the journal.

The Editor has the final say on inclusion of articles in the journal, their inclusion in part or whole. The Editor can request help from members of the Society or elsewhere in proof reading, verifying or correcting articles.

The Journal does not claim to be a peer-reviewed scientific journal and does not follow rigorous formats for articles. The Editor decides on the level of references or citations listed which may be useful to members wishing to dig deeper after reading an article.

Submissions are preferred as a Microsoft Word document, illustrations as separate files. All articles to be in final form with title and corresponding author clearly stated.

The Bath Geological Society Journal is published annually and distributed to the members as part of the membership subscription. Since 2019 the Journal has been published in a digital format as a PDF file and distributed only to members of the society. A hard copy, printed version will be made available only to those members unable to access it online.

At the discretion of the Editor and after two years have elapsed, articles from the journal may be added to the online archive available to the public and searchable from our website.