Field Trip: Bradford on Avon - Geological Site Clearance

Leader: Bath Geological Society

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Bradford-on-Avon BA15 2EP

Field Trip Description

In 2007 an area in Bradford-on-Avon was excavated to reveal a new geological site, showing how the area would have looked 165 million years ago. The site is on the dip-slope of the Cotswold Hills, in the Mid-Jurassic Forest Marble Formation. The rock formation, some 24 metres thick, consists of alternating limestones and clays. A particularly thick layer of clay, known as the Bradford Clay, occurs here above the limestones and a number of fossils including sea lilies and brachiopods can be seen.

The site has been monitored and maintenance carried out since 2007 however it has now reached the point where it needs clearing once again. The pit walls have sloughed material and are quite overgrown and the ground level seems higher today than when the pit was first dug out.


We’ll need spades, mattocks, large pruning shears, a pruning saw (just in case), a garden fork and pickaxe to lever tough roots out and rugs to move waste soil. If you don’t have any equipment there will be a selection on site for people to use.


Saturday 25th November at 10am


The site is located in the British Waterways car park at the end of Baileys Barn road, off Moulton Drive. The site is at the north end of the car park – look out for the information board. Please see the below map for further information.

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