Field Trip: St Audrie’s Bay, North Somerset (in place of the trip to Lavernock on 27th April)

Leader: Maurice Tucker and Mark Howson

Entry Fee

Members: Free

Visitors: £3.00

Date and Time



Meet at Home Farm Holiday Centre, West Quantoxhead, Taunton, TA4 4DP

Field Trip Description

To see the Upper Triassic through Lower Jurassic succession with changing environments from desert playa and alkaline lake through brackish water lagoons to shallow and then deeper-marine limestones and mudrocks. The Rhaetic succession (Lilstock Fm) also records deformed and disturbed bedding which may have resulted from a meteorite impact (2000 km west) and associated tsunami or intense seismic activity. There are faults and fractures too, relating to movement of salt at depth and/ or extensional and compressional tectonics during the later Mesozoic - Tertiary as a result of changes in regional stress patterns, opening of the Atlantic and Wessex Basin extension. Fossils are abundant in the Rhaetic and Liassic sediments, notably ammonites and bivalves, and trace fossils are well developed.

Walking along beach and foreshore rock exposures; stout boots and care needed.

In view of the tides, we will be meeting at NOON at the Home Farm Holiday Centre (parking, café and facilities available). Post-code TA4 4DP, West Quantoxhead.

This trip is a walk along the beach west of the steps down to St Audrie’s Bay from Home Farm Holiday Centre, towards the west and beyond the conspicuous cliff waterfall, and after, if time permits, back to the east to the headland of Blue Ben. The higher part of the beach is pebbly, so watch your footing; do not get close to the cliffs. With care, there are no great risks. Sensible shoes/ boots and clothes. The tide is falling.

To register please email Bob Mustow at [email protected]

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