Lecture: Hot Geology in a Cold Climate

Speaker: Dr A. D. Chambers, School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham

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19:30 -


Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN

Lecture Description

At various times in its history Greenland has been the site of extensive igneous activity, most recently during the opening of the North Atlantic some 60 million years ago. Recent glacial erosion has provided excellent 3D sections through both lava successions and through the associated magma chambers. Using two locations, one in East Greenland associated with Atlantic opening and one in South Greenland where there was once an ancient rift system, the talk will examine the field evidence for the processes taking place. The illustrated talk will also demonstrate the varied scenery found in Greenland and some of the logistical problems encountered when undertaking fieldwork there.

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