Lecture: Revealing the colour of dinosaurs

Speaker: Dr Jakob Vinther, Bristol University

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Visitors: £5.00

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19:30 -


Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN

Lecture Description

Dinosaurs are the most fascinating and charismatic of all fossil groups. In the last decades, we have found that many had feathers and they gave rise to living birds, so we know more about dinosaurs and their evolution than ever before. Recent discoveries have found that the melanin pigments are often preserved in the feather and skin impressions of dinosaurs, which means that we can reconstruct many aspects of their original colouration. Birds are some of the most colourful animals in existence, and now we can build a narrative of how dinosaurs evolved to give rise to the amazing plumage that we see in hummingbirds, peacocks and harlequin ducks and even how they saw ancient predators and what they ate!

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