Lecture: The History of the Oil Industry in Southern England

Speaker: Simon Kay, Oil and Gas Geologist

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Virtual Talk via Zoom

Lecture Description

Simon Kay moved to Bradford on Avon from Scotland seven years ago. He is a professional geologist, and worked in the oil industry for many years. He also worked as an environmental engineer, cleaning up contaminated sites in Alaska.

This talk will address the history of the oil industry in Southern England. People are often surprised at the long history of oil extraction onshore in the UK, some not realising that we have many productive onshore oil and gas fields. Oil was extracted by digging oil shales and retorting to recover oil as long ago as the 1850s in Dorset and in Scotland. Just over one hundred years ago, in October 1918, Britain’s first oil well was drilled at Hardstoft in Derbyshire. Since then around 2,000 wells have been drilled and today there are 120 sites producing oil onshore, the largest of which is in Dorset. Although there are not (yet) any oil or gas fields in the Bath area, we are not far from many fields, big and small, in Southern England.

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